Matt Greco is a sculptor, photographer and designer living and working in new york city. You can contact him via email at mfgreco(at)gmail(dot)com

It is always difficult to state what I do as an artist.  Perhaps that is because what I do as an artist varies so much from day to day, year to year.  Like many contemporary artists, I don’t pull inspiration from any one place, or even half a dozen places, at any given time.  Influence, inspiration, interest, obsession; they seem to come at me from all directions all the time and I use what they leave me with to make my work.  Often it is academic; sometimes I respond intellectually in my work to politics or global issues.  Often it is emotional; personal experiences drive me to make work, although this work is rarely obvious, those personal emotional responses tend to obfuscate themselves.  I can say a few things with certainty: I am a student of human behavior, I can’t stop watching people; what they do, how they act, what they wear, and how they hold themselves.  I fancy myself an amateur scientist, I am constantly amazed at how things work; the complexity of systems, the elegance in the universe, and the interactions between invisible forces.  I like to build things with my hands, there is something very familiar and comfortable about making things; the preparation, the hard work, the tactility of materials. 

Matt Greco along with Chris Esposito form the artistic collaboration Damfino.  Whose primary focus is on public art.

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